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Buyers: What to Know When Buying A Home

Buying a home can be a pretty emotionally strenuous time. A laundry list of things to do, but no idea where to start.  Finding the right kind of help could be difficult. However, we cut the stress in half, assisting in every way possible to get you your dream home within your reach. That being said, we have a few quick tips to get your buying journey on track. 


How Our Tools Can Help

Our mortgage calculator can help you project your monthly payments, total interest, and projected pay-off of each home that you view. We also display monthly and yearly amortization schedules, or how the face value of a loan could lower over a certain period of time. These tools give you visual representations of how much you’ll be spending from now and beyond. This will then in turn, help you budget and manage your money accordingly for more than just the initial purchase.


Get Preapproved for a Loan

Many people forget to get preapproved for a loan before they start house hunting. Getting preapproved really shows sellers how serious you are about buying a house, shows you what price range you can afford, and make the mortgage process much smoother. While getting pre-approved doesn’t guarantee a loan, it does help knowing you could be approved and give you that advantage for your browsing process. 

On another note, you can even check your credit score on other websites like Credit Karma, Nerdwallet, and Discover FICO


The Potential for PMI 

If you elect to not put 20% down on your home, Private Mortgage Insurance or foreclosure insurance, could be introduced. Typically, the monthly rate for this goes between $50-$150 a month per $100K borrowed. As intimidating as it sounds, PMI gives you that extra cushion if a monthly payment is missed, so it could be beneficial to think about jumping into it. 


Realtors Have More Information Than Real Estate Websites

Our realtors know about homes on the market, sometimes before they go online. They have the scoop on your potential dream home far before websites like Zillow or Trulia. Homefinders PLUS keeps you on top of the housing market and able to find your new place before there’s an opportunity for other people to out-bid you. 

Also, in North Central WV, sellers usually pay realtor fees, so that means we are working for you for free.  

Our realtors are here to guide you through the process with ease and knowledge to make choosing and buying a home easy.


Get Started 

HomeFinders PLUS has so much to offer with our tools and our dedicated realtors, determined to make your buying process worry-free and enjoyable. Contact us and we can get started on finding your dream home!