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Morgantown Homes

Rich with history, Morgantown was settled in 1772 by Zackquill Morgan. It’s closely related to the Anglo-French struggle for territory and the town itself was originally contested by settlers and Native Americans alike. 

While Morgantown is home to the Mountaineers, it also claims pre-Revolutionary War history, pride in its diverse population, and has a familial kind of community. A lot of things to do within the area, it’s hard for residents to get bored. Those who call Morgantown home find themselves rooting for its sports teams, hiking at Coopers Rock or White Park, attending small concerts at 123 Pleasant Street or Mainstage, and dining in accredited local cuisine like Mountain State Brewing Co. and Terra Cafe. Cheat Lake is also close by, allowing for more outdoor activities and a change of scenery. Morgantown is also a short drive from Pittsburgh, and relatively close to the D.C. area.

The city has great schools K-12 like Morgantown and University High Schools, Ruby Memorial Hospital and Mon Health, and shopping centers like Suncrest and University. You never have to drive far for anything, but most people prefer to live in city, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the university. 

With it being a college town, there are days with abnormally high traffic like game days, some side-streets around five o-clock, and both Suncrest and University Centers on the weekends.