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Fairmont Homes

Originally established as Middletown in 1820, it was named after Middletown, NJ – the hometown of William Haymond Jr.’s wife Elizabeth Hutchinson. The name was changed twenty-three years later to Fairmont, to pay tribute to the pretty views amongst the hills.

A jack of all trades, Fairmont has a little bit of everything. Local wineries like Batton Hollow, bakeries like Little Red Hen Bakery, and the famous Poky Dot are all happily nestled in Fairmont. Muriale’s, the Rambling Root, and Woody’s Restaurant are just a few of the local businesses State Parks like Valley Falls or Prickett’s Fort are great escapes for adventure. Also, while Fairmont doesn’t give the “college town” impression, it is home to Fairmont State University. 

Fortunately, Fairmont makes it hard to be distant from school options. There are dozens of schools, K-12, to choose from and all have a great education to offer. Similarly, Marion County Public Library is highly rated and has a wonderful array of books.

There are also great opportunities for employment including, but not limited to, the FBI, Mon Power, and FSU. Conveniently located as a centerpoint between Morgantown, Bridgeport, and Clarksburg, Fairmont allows the option to branch out to other cities for work.